Digital Workplace Solutions

KST Data works closely with clients to reduce the costs for acquisition, deployment, and management of the overall desktop environment.

The KST Data team jointly develops a consistent set of desktop strategies, integrated processes, and a related governance model. KST Data’s digital workplace solutions include:

  • Acquisition and ongoing support of the desktop environments
  • Equipment evaluation/loaners
  • Order placement and tracking
  • Imaging/pre-provisioning; move to zero touch
  • Asset tagging/Etching
  • Specialized configurations
  • Governance models to better manage the lifecycle
  • Installation, moves, adds and changes (IMACs) and support of desktop solutions
  • Asset Management
  • Reverse logistics; reuse of assets
  • Asset disposition to generate financial value
  • Customizable catalog of offerings
  • Maintenance and warranty services
  • User training