KST Data’s IT asset and support services are based on its agnostic lifecycle solution framework that directs how components and processes are put together to deliver value to clients.

Why KST Data?

  • Decades of proven experience working in the industry, overcoming risk and other associated challenges for commercial and government clients (i.e., local, state, federal)
  • Cost-optimized solutions that focus on reducing the total cost of ownership with the implementation of end-to-end processes and automation
  • Focused on assisting our client gain control of their assets and better managing the lifecycle
  • Relationships with the OEMs—direct and via distribution channels
  • Flexible contracting, terms, pricing, acquisition models, and services
  • Guaranteed stock levels with pre-staged, pre-configured inventory to buffer against supply chain volatility and ensure on-demand availability
  • SLA-driven asset delivery
  • Small business programs based on NACIS code requirements
  • Major efficiencies with an end-to-end solution from a single provider