Asset Disposition

KST Data asset disposition manages a critical stage of IT lifecycle service and is designed to help clients dispose of end-of-use IT assets. This service can be structured as a one-time event (i.e., takeout) or part of an ongoing durable relationship (i.e., programmatic). KST Data asset disposition can include any OEM workforce or data center technologies. During this process, KST Data helps clients collect targeted residual values for dispositioned assets.

In addition, KST Data’s upcycling and disposition of IT assets follow all rules and guidelines, regardless of OEM, product, or age, to meet requirements for data security, environmental, and IT asset destruction (ITAD) policies and regulations. With KST Data asset disposition, organizations eliminate end-of-use asset sprawl and can easily retire legacy IT equipment quickly and effectively to expedite smooth transitions to new systems. Among the services offered as part of KST Data asset disposition are the following.