Solution Framework

At the core of KST Data’s solution framework are processes and metrics reporting that provide the structure and analytics necessary for automation, optimization, efficiency, and visibility. Developed and refined over decades, KST Data’s solution framework ensures that clients have the right technology and supporting processes to address their business needs. It also gives clients the agility required to adjust to changing requirements quickly. At the core of KST Data’s solution framework is innovation within the asset life cycle to deliver end-to-end management from acquisition through disposal.

KST Data also uses sophisticated inventory controls to maximize asset values and warranty benefits. These inventory systems and processes also ensure that the organization has the right solutions in place to achieve its business objectives and takes advantage of relevant innovations and new technologies.

Strong relationships with all major IT providers (i.e., hardware, software, services) give KST Data insights into the development and release schedules and facilitate and expedite the procurement of multi-OEM solutions. And, when introducing new solutions, KST Data deployment framework blends new and existing systems to avoid rip-and-replace inefficiencies.