Integration Center

KST Data’s integration centers streamline and expedite deployment using in-house experts to provide unprecedented flexibility. By providing integration between silos and visibility across systems, KST Data delivers optimal value from technology. It also helps clients realize the benefits of digital transformation by effectively incorporating new technology and processes into an existing environment.

The KST Data solution portfolio includes the capability to provide configuration and provisioning services of all IT assets. Clients have the option to enable a touchless refresh capability (i.e. Auto Pilot coupled with White Glove services) for end-user devices or ensure that their datacenter solutions are preconfigured and cabled prior to delivery. And, KST Data can provide this support from multiple integration centers across the country.

Unlike others that use a fixed process, with which any hiccup brings everything to a stop, KST Data’s agile solutions framework allows it to address issues immediately to avoid delays that negatively impact deployment schedules. KST Data’s integration center services are designed to adapt to each client’s unique need and to react to address any issues quickly.

Core functions of KST Data’s integration center include:

  • Imaging of Systems
    • Pre-provisioning of assets
    • SCCM imaging
    • Gold disk imaging
  • System testing and image validation
  • Tagging, racking, and stacking
  • Pre-configuring and cabling systems, or modifying system configurations, per specifications
  • Advanced exchange with test and screen only and/or repair
  • Advanced exchange with return-to-vendor (RTV)
  • Same unit repair and return
  • Asset repair, warranty break fix
  • Turnkey product recall services
  • Supporting integration options
  • Asset management updates