Asset Management

KST Data provides a closed-loop asset management process model that covers from when an asset was introduced into the environment through every logical and physical touch made to it throughout its lifecycle. This is supported by a combination of forward logistics to source and deliver products, and reverse logistics to handle disposition.

KST Data’s asset management framework provides direction on processes to help clients maintain records of everything about all assets. This ensures that records are readily available to answer questions, such as where the asset is, how it is configured, what changes have been made to it, and when it has left the environment. KST Data’s asset management framework also includes process direction to collect all procurement details, helpdesk calls, service tickets, and warranty start/end dates.

All asset management information can be accessed through a dashboard that provides a holistic view of environments and access to various views at different levels. KST Data helps clients use the infrastructure in their environment to set up these dashboards to allow them to access real-time data about their environment.