KST Data has supported aerospace and defense industrial base clients since its inception. Coupling significant experience with the special tools, processes, and business models, KST Data helps all organizations in the defense contract supply chain meet their unique requirements, such as

  • ISO 55000 standards—focus on the strategies, plans, and management frameworks organizations use to derive value from the assets.
  • NIST 800-171 and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) determine whether an organization has the security necessary to work with controlled or other sensitive data.

Media & Entertainment

KST Data provides the infrastructure and services required to meet the critical security requirements to manage and protect the vast amounts of digital assets generated and stored by media and entertainment clients. End-to-end IT solutions delivered by KST Data focus on leveraging technology and processes to provide a holistic approach that efficiently meets complex requirements—ranging from end-user systems to streaming capabilities.

Federal System Integrators

KST Data works with federal systems integrators to deliver large-scale end user and enterprise technology deployments and provide complete lifecycle management services for the federal government. Solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of the federal government embed security into cost-effective offerings from desktops to data centers. KST Data’s flexible approach allows federal systems integrators to become more agile partners to their government customers.

State/Local Government

KST Data’s experience supporting state and local clients across the country has enabled us to build cost-effective IT solutions from the desktop to the data center. A deep understanding of the complexity that state and local (i.e., commonwealth, territory, county, city, municipality, town, township, village) government organizations face to address a wide range of user requirements and adhere to regulations. KST Data provides the solutions needed to support state and local government organizations—from private clouds to end-user services (e.g., managed print, desktop management). The results are increased security and reduced cost delivered with the right technology and processes.


KST Data has worked with the healthcare community for decades and brings a wealth of industry and solutions knowledge to our clients. Whether clients are looking to refresh existing IT assets or plan a new initiative to meet the requirements of the latest regulations, KST Data can help. From securing protected health information (PHI) to meet HIPAA requirements to managing systems to store records and large image files, KST Data has the experience and solution models to meet the healthcare industry’s unique needs.

Higher Education

Based on its years of working with higher-education institutions, KST Data has developed a specialized package of solutions to meet these unique requirements. KST Data’s web catalog solution has enabled higher-education clients to offer a broad range of IT solutions to students and staff. The solution is designed to maintain a well-defined set of standards while leveraging the most cost-effective hardware and software—from the smallest tablet to high-performance computing options for the engineering department to cloud solutions for the classroom. KST Data also provides a full array of services to support our higher-education clients.


KST Data supports manufacturing clients with a focus on design, development, and shop floor control solutions. With deep experience in assisting manufacturing clients in both process and automation solutions, KST Data provides significant value, bringing product innovation and reductions in the total cost of ownership of IT solutions.  KST Data’s ongoing focus on the special tools, processes, and unique business models needed to support manufacturing clients’ end-to-end needs, helps support the digital transformation of their supply chain, solution development processes, security needs, and creative financial models.