Unique Problems. Custom Solutions.

At KST Data, we understand that each of our clients faces unique challenges in their IT environment. Each and every KST Data Solution is custom-crafted to address the specific needs of a particular client engagement.

KST Data develops end-to-end solutions that improve processes and reduce total cost of ownership for our clients. Our experienced team applies an unmatched depth of industry knowledge to every custom solution we craft so it is both tailored to your needs and leverages best-of-breed technologies and processes.

Customer-Centric. Relationship-Focused.

KST integrates processes and the seamless flow of data between OEMs, Distributors and Shippers, while maintaining a level of security and control across processes to provide secure and simplified supply chain solutions.

We offer flexible solutions that can include, but are not limited to, structuring custom financial solutions, tailoring our Terms and Conditions to client needs and adapting our Services models to the client project.

This is why KST Data solutions drive operational efficiencies even as they drive down the total cost of ownership for technology solutions. We don’t reinvent the wheel. We focus on operational process simplification and execution when we build solutions.