KST’s expertise allows us to assist our clients by offering both capital and services based models for Client, Print, Data Center, Cloud and Web Catalog Solutions that offer flexibility to our clients.


KST offers our clients a broad array of options when it comes to purchasing IT products and services.  With a catalog of more than 1 million line items, our clients can select from the most current IT solutions to meet their needs.

Our Web Catalog provides our clients to select their standard solutions or to configure unique solutions that meet their specific needs.  You can leverage our catalog to purchase your products with a P-Card or you can issue a PO; it is up to you.


Whether you are looking for a lease from one of our leasing companies or if you want to leverage KST’s direct lease lines, KST has options to support all of your leasing needs.

Managed Services

KST provides a broad array of managed service options.  Whether you are looking for managed services in support of your client systems, output devices or datacenter, KST has solutions to support you.

In the client space, KST can offer you a price per seat per month offering.  The breadth and depth of the hardware, software and associated services can be customized to support your particular needs.

In the output device arena, KST can offer a full set of offerings in Managed Print Services.  We can establish a billing structure that includes hardware, software and all necessary support services; billed on a price per page basis to support your needs.