For over 20 years, KST Data has partnered with our clients to drive operational efficiency and reduce the total cost of ownership of technology assets.  Our clients come to KST to benefit from:

  • Client-focused solutions: For our clients to be competitive on a sustainable basis, one-size-fits-all solutions won’t do.  Our clients recognize that the well-tested and proven KST solutions are focused and customized to their own specific needs and marketplace challenges.
  • Innovation: The business challenges our clients face require an innovative look at their environment to focus on solutions that provide value by helping to streamline business processes, simplify their technology approach and to ensure that new solutions deliver innovation to provide competitive advantages over their competition.
  • Strategic relationships with leading-edge OEMs: Our clients require timely access to advanced technology products and services. KST’s relationships with the major IT OEMs — including Cisco, Dell, EMC, Hewlett Packard, Juniper, IBM, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle and Xerox– enable us to quickly and cost-effectively deliver solutions optimized to individual needs.
  • Industry-specific offerings: KST specializes in several major industries, including Aerospace/Defense, Higher Education, Transportation, Government and Entertainment, providing custom solutions that address the specific needs of the industry. Working closely with KST, our clients rely on our specialized knowledge base and our custom solutions to meet their unique and challenging IT opportunities.
  • Comprehensive and innovative supply chain: KST has developed an innovative, secure, all-inclusive supply-chain model. It enables us to efficiently deliver custom solutions for less money at lower risk, while also meeting our client’s schedule constraints.
  • Creative financial models:  KST offers both capital and services based models for desktop, print, network and datacenter/cloud solutions that provide the flexibility our clients need.